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BiomedRx Network

An Outsourced Field Service Solution for Medical Equipment Manufacturers
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The BiomedRx Network is a consortium of independent service organizations that provide engineering services on medical, scientific laboratory, and medical imaging equipment. Our service network provides service coverage in all 50 US states, and in over 30 other countries.

We provide an outsourced field service solution for medical device manufacturers. Our network provides medical equipment installation, repair, calibration, preventive maintenance and electrical safety inspection in honor of manufacturer warranty and service contract agreements.

We also offer comprehensive asset management programs to healthcare facilities. Our programs are designed to minimize the cost of medical equipment ownership, while maximizing equipment uptime and the quality of patient care.

Independent service organizations that wish to join our network undergo a rigorous evaluation and credentialing procedure before being allowed to join. Network membership benefits include outsourcing opportunities and free service training through the BiomedRx Institute.

Regulatory Compliance

BiomedRx provides you with the documentation necessary to maintain compliance with the Joint Commission, NFPA99, and all other regulatory agencies.

Service and Replacement

BiomedRx can service your medical equipment currently in-use, or provide field service for medical device manufacturers.

In-Service Education

BiomedRx offers in-service education to your staff on the prinicpal and safety function of medical and medical imaging equipment.

Online Service Reporting

BiomedRx provides online service reports, including images and video whenever applicable.

24-Hour Tech Support

BiomedRx support representatives are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you may have.


BiomedRx can help you design and implement a comprehensive medical equipment maintenance program in your healthcare facility.

The BiomedRx Family

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Our clients

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How to get service

Please provide us with an Excel file with the inventory of medical equipment in use in your facility, and we will provide you with a quote for annual preventative maintenance and repair service.
We also provide field service operations for medical device manufacturers.

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